News - 4.x

Release 4.10 - 2015-01-29

This release has a bug fix for unique index. If you’re using unique index in storage mode, your data may be broken. If you’re using unique index in storage mode, we recommend to upgrade to this version and re-create your unique indexes.

Here are SQL statements to re-create your indexes including unique indexes:


You may get “duplicated record” error on ENABLE KEYS. If you get the error, please confirm your data carefully and fix the duplication.

Here are broken data scenario:

  • An unique index is created.

  • Insert data.

  • Insert duplicated data. It’s reported as an error.

  • Insert duplicated data again. It can be inserted. It breaks unique consistency.


  • [storage] Supported static index construction in FULLTEXT INDEX comment with 'table "XXX"'. Execute DISABLE KEYS, then ENABLE KEYS for static index construction. [Reported by Naoya Murakami]

  • [rpm][centos] Built with MySQL 5.6.22 on CentOS 7. [groonga-dev,03047] [Reported by Hiroshi Kagami]

  • [rpm][centos] Built with MariaDB 5.5.40-2 on CentOS 7.

  • [storage][mysql56] Supported to report duplicated error for ADD UNIQUE INDEX. [Reported by kazeburo]


  • [storage] Fixed a bug that referenced table is accidentally removed on error. This means that index creation is failed for FULLTEXT INDEX comment with 'table "terms"', “terms” table can be removed on error.

  • [storage] Fixed a bug that duplicated entry is removed in unique index when duplicated error is occurred. This bug makes consistency of indexes broken, so recommended to recreate existing indexes again after upgrading Mroonga. [Reported by kazeburo]

  • [storage] Fixed a bug that INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE is broken. This bug may change existing other records by executing update fallback when insert error occurred. [Reported by kazeburo]


  • Naoya Murakami

  • Hiroshi Kagami

  • kazeburo

Release 4.09 - 2014-12-29


  • [rpm] Supported MySQL 5.6.22 on CentOS 6. [Reported by @oreradio]

  • Added mroonga_boolean_mode_syntax_flags that custom syntax in MATCH () AGAINST ('...' IN BOOLEAN MODE).

  • Supported no normalizer FULLTEXT INDEX by specifying none as normalizer such as FULLTEXT INDEX (...) COMMENT 'normalizer "none"'.

  • Supported referencing primary key value of auto created records.


  • @oreradio

Release 4.08 - 2014/11/29


  • [deb] Supported Ubuntu 12.04 again for Travis-CI.

  • [test] Added script which checks performance schema. [Patch by Elena Stepanova]

  • [rpm] Supported MySQL 5.5.40 on CentOS 6 and 7. [groonga-dev,02955] [Reported Noboru Nishiyama]

  • [doc] Added Limitations about column size.

  • [storage] Added missing primary key check when primary key is required to specify. [groonga-dev,02963] [Reported by kashihara]


  • [doc] Fixed nonexistent MySQL version. [groonga-dev,02899] [Reported by GMO Media, Inc.]

  • [doc] Removed needless SCL related install description for CentOS 5.

  • [doc] Use service command to start MySQL on CentOS 5 and 6.

  • [doc] Use systemctl command to start MySQL on CentOS 7.


  • GMO Media, Inc.

  • Elena Stepanova

  • Noboru Nishiyama

  • kashihara

Release 4.07 - 2014/10/29


  • [storage] Changed to treat deprecated INSERT DELAYED as error. [GitHub#20] [MDEV#6837] [Reported by Elena Stepanova]

  • [storage][mariadb10] Added proper error message for duplicated entries on adding an unique index. [GitHub#19] [Reported by Elena Stepanova]

  • [cmake] Removed needless status message for compiler flag checks [GitHub#22]

  • Supported token filter in table/index comment for wrapper/storage mode. [GitHub#25] [Patch by Naoya Murakami]

  • [mroonga_command] Improved to need not to know whether Groonga database already exists before executing mroonga_command. In the previous versions, you must prepare table which use Mroonga.

  • [storage] Supported to specify normalizer in table comment. [GitHub#27] [Patch by Naoya Murakami]

  • [storage] Supported column compression flag (COMPRESS_LZ4, COMPRESS_ZLIB). [GitHub#32] [Patch by Naoya Murakami]

  • Added mroonga_libgroonga_support_lz4 and mroonga_libgroonga_support_zlib system variables. [GitHub#33,#34,#35] [Patch by Naoya Murakami]

  • Dropped MySQL 5.1 support.


  • [storage][mariadb10] Fixed a crash bug that it doesn’t properly locked. [GitHub#18] [Reported by Elena Stepanova]

  • [storage] Fixed overflow about signed tinyint. [GitHub#29]

  • [doc] Fixed markups about normalizer. [GitHub#32] [Patch by Naoya Murakami]


  • Elena Stepanova

  • Naoya Murakami

Release 4.06 - 2014/09/29


  • [doc] Added more details about Groonga’s development package.

  • [doc] Changed to recommend GitHub issue tracker.

  • [deb] Dropped Debian jessie and sid support.


  • [storage] Fixed a bug that no record returns with multiple column index. This bug occurs when it meets two conditions. First, columns indexed by multiple column index are used in order and WHERE clause. Second, a column indexed by multiple column index but it’s no the first column is used in ORDER by clause. [#2651] [Reported by foamcentime, Naoya Murakami]


  • foamcentime

  • Naoya Murakami

Release 4.05 - 2014/08/29


  • Dropped Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander support.

  • Added new variable mroonga_vector_column_delimiter. It is used to change delimiter of vector column. [GitHub#16] [Patch by Naoya Murakami]

  • [rpm][centos] Supported MySQL 5.6 official repository packages on CentOS 6/7. Use mysql56-community-mroonga package. [Patch by miko]

  • [doc] Moved document about upgrading which is included in install document. Now, you can refer it as Upgrade.

  • Supported MariaDB 10.0.13.

  • [rpm][centos] Supported CentOS 7 as mariadb-mroonga package. It uses the bundled MariaDB. [groonga-dev,02604] [Tested by Miyawaki][Tested by Kawada]


  • [doc] Fixed wrong MySQL version about news of Mroonga 4.04. [Reported by _so4]

  • [doc] Removed needless explicit install procedure for groonga-normalizer-mysql package.

  • [storage] Fixed a bug that value remains in unique index on duplicated primary key error. [groonga-dev,02633] [Reported by 6elz]

  • [doc] Fixed a bug that building document in other directory fails. [groonga-dev,02652] [Reported by cosmo0920]

  • Changed to use “Mroonga” form for engine name.

  • [storage] Fixed a bug that table specified index (COMMENT 'table "XXX"') can’t be removed. [groonga-dev,02677] [Reported by Naoya Murakami]


  • _so4

  • Naoya Murakami

  • miko

  • 6elz

  • cosmo0920

  • Miyawaki

  • Kawada

Release 4.04 - 2014/07/29


  • Removed Groonga and groonga-normalizer-mysql specific test files for MariaDB bundled version on Windows. There is too long file name issue. [groonga-dev,02391] [Reported by Masafumi Yokoyama]

  • [doc] Updated Developer’s guide.

  • Added overflow/underflow check whether valid time to find errors on 32-bit environment. [Patch by Toshihisa Tashiro]

  • [storage] Supproted INPLACE ALTER TABLE for adding/dropping columns. [#2277] [GitHub#12] [Patch by Naoya Murakami]


  • [rpm][centos] Built with MySQL 5.5.37 on CentOS. [Reported by YOSHIDA Mitsuo]

  • Fixed to use lowercase for table name to avoid lower/upper-case specific issue on Mac OS. [Patch by Toshihisa Tashiro]

  • Fixed build error for VC++ 2013 [GitHub#10] [Patch by cosmo0920]

  • [doc] Added missing quote for install procedure on CentOS6 SCL. [GitHub#11] [Patch by Naoya Murakami]

  • [storage] Fixed a bug that renaming column by ALTER TABLE CHANGE causes crash. [#2637]


  • YOSHIDA Mitsuo

  • Masafumi Yokoyama

  • Toshihisa Tashiro

  • cosmo0920

  • Naoya Murakami

Release 4.03 - 2014/05/29


  • [doc] Updated MariaDB version. [Patch by cosmo0920]

  • Supported daylight saving time. [#2385]

  • Migrated Ubuntu package distribution site to PPA on Launchpad. See Install for details.


  • [doc] Fixed command line in Install. [Reported by YOSHIDA Mitsuo]


  • cosmo0920

  • YOSHIDA Mitsuo

Release 4.02 - 2014/04/29


  • Supported MariaDB 10.0.10 [#2460] [Reported by Kazuhiko Shiozaki]

  • Supported MySQL 5.6.17.

  • Supported Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr.

  • Enabled MariaDB bundled build.

  • Dropped Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal support.

  • [doc] Updated MySQL version. [GitHub#8] [Patch by cosmo0920]


  • [storage] Stopped to use truncate for DELETE FROM table. [groonga-dev,02222] [Reported by GMO Media, Inc.]

  • [wrapper] Stopped to use truncate for DELETE FROM table.

  • [storage] Fixed a bug that inplace alter table with no primary key crashes. [groonga-dev,02227] [Reported by GMO Media, Inc.]

  • [storage] Fixed a bug that ORDER BY function(vector_reference_column) doesn’t work. [groonga-dev,02234] [Reported by Naoya Murakami]

  • Fixed a bug that setting the current value to mroonga_default_parser or mroonga_log_file crash. [GitHub#6] [Patch by Satoshi MITANI]

  • Fixed a bug that mroonga_lock_timeout in my.cnf or command line option is ignored. [GitHub#7] [Patch by GMO Media, Inc.]

  • Fixed a bug that deleting by primary key doesn’t update unique index. [groonga-dev,02244] [Reported by Akihiro Tsukui]


  • Kazuhiko Shiozaki

  • GMO Media, Inc.

  • Naoya Murakami

  • Satoshi MITANI

  • Akihiro Tsukui

  • cosmo0920

Release 4.01 - 2014/03/29


  • Supported MariaDB 10.0.9 [#2387] [Reported by Kazuhiko Shiozaki]

  • Supported ten or more sections in W pragma [#2348] [groonga-dev,02138] [Reported by yoku0825]

  • [rpm][centos] Supported SCL MySQL package on CentOS 6.


  • [storage] Fixed a bug that ALTER TABLE with fulltext index which refer to table causes mysqld crash. [#2327] [groonga-dev,02130] [Reported by Naoya Murakami]

  • [doc] Fixed to use Mroonga/Groonga (capitalized notation) in characteristics document. [GitHub#5] [Patch by Naoya Murakami]


  • yoku0825

  • Naoya Murakami

  • Kazuhiko Shiozaki

Release 4.00 - 2014/02/09

  • Bump version to 4.00! We recommend to upgrade because crash bug and updating issue are fixed now!


  • Dropped Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) support.

  • [storage] Supported to search with empty string. [#2214] [groonga-dev,02052] [Reported by Naoya Murakami]


  • Fixed a crash bug that bulk inserting null value into geometry column which has NOT NULL constraint. [#2281] [groonga-dev,02095] [Reported by yoku]

  • [storage] Fixed a bug that existing records may be unexectedlly removed by ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE. In the previous versions, such a query can’t update the value of column correctly. [#2263] [Reported Masahiro Nagano]


  • yoku

  • Naoya Murakami

  • Masahiro Nagano