2.7. Oracle Linux

This section describes how to install Mroonga related RPM packages on AlmaLinux. You can install them by dnf.

2.7.1. Oracle Linux 8 (with the Oracle MySQL 8.0 package)

You can use Oracle’s MySQL packages version 8.0 on Oracle Linux 8 since Mroonga 12.08 release.


There are already known issues about MySQL 8.0.

  • Wrapper mode Wrapper mode is not supported yet

  • Storage mode Storage mode does not support the following feature.

    • The feature of relevant to the optimization.


% sudo dnf -y module disable mysql
% sudo dnf install -y https://packages.groonga.org/almalinux/8/groonga-release-latest.noarch.rpm
% sudo dnf install -y https://repo.mysql.com/mysql80-community-release-el8.rpm
% sudo dnf install --disablerepo=AppStream -y --enablerepo=ol8_codeready_builder mysql-community-8.0-mroonga
(% sudo systemctl start mysqld)
(% tmp_password=$(sudo grep 'A temporary password' /var/log/mysqld.log | sed -e 's/^.*: //'))
(% sudo mysqladmin -u root --password="${tmp_password}" password)

If you want to use MeCab as a tokenizer, install groonga-tokenizer-mecab package.

Install groonga-tokenizer-mecab package:

% sudo dnf install -y --enablerepo=ol8_codeready_builder groonga-tokenizer-mecab