5.5.2. mroonga_escape()

New in version 3.08. Summary

mroonga_escape UDF provides functionality to escape given string. It also accepts parameter what character should be escaped. Syntax

mroonga_escape() has required parameter and optional parameter:

mroonga_escape(string, special_characters) Usage

Here is the example query which use special characters to be escaped:

SELECT * FROM `symbols` WHERE MATCH(`content`) AGAINST(mroonga_escape("+hello_world()", "()") IN BOOLEAN MODE);

Here is the example about special characters which is escaped:

SELECT mroonga_escape("+-<>~*()\"\\\:");
-- \+\-\<\>\~\*\(\)\"\\\: Parameters Required parameters

There is one required parameter, string. string

It specifies text which you want to escape. Optional parameters

There is one optional parameter, special_characters. special_characters

It specifies characters to escape.

The default value is +-<>~*()"\\:. Return value

It returns escaped string.