The Mroonga project provides stickers for Mroonga. You can use them under the CC-BY 3.0 license. You can also use them under more loose license for distributing printed stickers. See the following paragraph for details. Notation of the author is "The Mroonga project" or "The Groonga project".

If you distribute printed stickers, you don't need to attribute the author. You can print downloaded stickers as is and distribute them without attributing the author. Please print and distribute Groonga stickers for your friends!

If you are using Mroonga on your project, please use our stickers and spread Mroonga! :-)

Sticker list

Here are stickers for Mroonga.

Mroonga stickers (100㎜×40㎜)

White background, black foreground PDF SVG
Black background, white foraground PDF SVG
Half cut line PDF SVG