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Mroonga 4.10 has been released!

Mroonga 4.10 has been released!


Here are the topics in this release:

  • Improved offline index construction
  • Improved performance on multi-threaded

Note that Mroonga 4.10 has some serious bug fixes that it removes table or index on error, or override existing non related records on error, so we recommends Mroonga user to upgrade it.

If you use unique index, you need to re create index because there is possibility that existing index may be already broken.

Improved offline index construction

In this release, FULLTEXT INDEX COMMENT with reference table supports offline index construction.

For example, there is the case that "terms" table is specified in FULLTEXT INDEX COMMENT.

FULLTEXT INDEX (...) COMMENT 'table "terms"'

To execute offline index construction, execute DISABLE KEYS, then ENABLE KEYS.

Improved performance on multi-threaded

This improvement is not Mroonga itself, it's derived from Groonga 4.1.1, now multi-threaded performance will be improved if Groonga is built with --with-jemalloc configure option.

This is experimental feature, there is no package for each distributions which enables jemalloc by default.

Anyway, please give us feedback about this improvements if you can try it.


See Release 4.10 - 2015-01-29 about detailed changes since 4.09.

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