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Mroonga 4.06 has been released!

Mroonga 4.06 has been released!


This release fixes the following bug:

  • You may get empty search result when you're using multiple column index.

If you get unexpected result with table that has multiple column index, please try this release.

Groonga 4.0.6 include fixes that effect Mroonga. If you get other unexpected behavior, please try to upgrade Groonga too.

If you still get unexpected behavior after you upgrade, it may be unknown problem. If you get unknown problem, please report it to issues on GitHub or mailing list. In most cases, a reported problem is fixed and new version that includes the fix is released with in a month. Please contribute to us.

For Debian users

We drop jessie and sid support. We provide packages only for whezzy.

Recent news of bundling into MariaDB

The comment in [MDEV-5222] at MariaDB's JIRA says that Mroonga will be merged into the MariaDB's main source tree!


See Release 4.06 - 2014/09/29 about detailed changes since 4.05.

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