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Mroonga 11.01 has been released!

Mroonga is a MySQL storage engine that supports fast fulltext search and geolocation search. It is CJK ready. It uses Groonga as a storage and fulltext search engine.

Mroonga 11.01 has been released!


The main changes are as follows.


  • CentOS Added support for MariaDB 10.2.37, 10.3.28, 10.4.18, and 10.5.9.

  • CentOS Added support for Percona Server 5.7.33.

  • Added support for adding value with text in JSON format to reference vector columns.


  • Fixed a bug that FOREIGN KEY constraint was not registered.

    • This bug had only occurred on MySQL 8.0.
  • Fixed a bug that DROP DATABASE had failed if a target database had FOREIGN KEY constraint.

  • Fixed a bug that DROP COLUMN had failed if a target table was referred to the other tables.

  • Fixed a build error when we built Mroonga with MariaDB 10.3.28, 10.4.18, or 10.5.9.

  • Fixed a bug that an update of Mroonga fails on MariaDB.


See Release 11.01 - 2021-04-02 about detailed changes since 11.00.

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