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Mroonga 3.02 has been released!

Mroonga 3.02 has been released!

Mroonga is a MySQL storage engine that supports fast fulltext search and geolocation search. It is CJK ready. It uses groonga as a storage and fulltext search engine.

How to install: Install

There are two topics for this release:

  • Supported MariaDB 10.0
  • Supported mroonga_command UDF (experimental feature)

Supported MariaDB 10.0

This release began to support MariaDB 10.0.

MariaDB + mroonga package won't be released, please build by yourself if you want.

Here is the concrete procedures how to build from scratch.

Supported mroonga_command

This release began to support mroonga_command experimentally.

mroonga_command enables you to execute groonga query directlly from mroonga.

For example, you can call geo location related function which groonga provides.

Here is the sample schema:

  CREATE TABLE shops (
  id int primary key auto_increment,
  name text,
  SPATIAL INDEX(location)
  ) engine = mroonga, default charset utf8;

Then insert shop data with location information.

  INSERT INTO shops (name, location) VALUES ("Shop A", GeomFromText('POINT(139.796829 35.712013)'));
  INSERT INTO shops (name, location) VALUES ("Shop B", GeomFromText('POINT(139.711517 35.647701)'));

Confirm inserted data by mroonga_command itself.

  SELECT mroonga_command("select shops");

Here is the output results. You can see insert commands succeeded.

      [1,1,1,"128563247x503268584","Shop A"],
      [2,2,2,"128331724x502961461","Shop B"]

Now, try to use built in function which groonga provides.

groonga provides geo location related functions. There is the geo_in_circle function which checks the records within the specified range of the circle.

Now, search the shops within the 500 meters from the specific location. Here is the query.

  SELECT mroonga_command("select shops --filter 'geo_in_circle(location, "35.7119,139.7983", 500)'");

In the above query, the records are filtered by the results of geo_in_circle() function.

'--filter' option enables to exract records within the 500 meters from the "35.7119,139.7983" geo location.

      [1,1,1,"128563247x503268584","Shop A"]

As a result, you can see that Shop A is within the 500 meters from the specific location.

Note that the output results of mroonga_command is not compatible with normal SQL execution model.


See Release 3.02 - 2013/03/29 about detailed changes since 3.01.

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