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Mroonga 2.06 has been released!

Mroonga 2.06 has been released!

Mroonga is a MySQL storage engine that supports fast fulltext search and geolocation search. It is CJK ready. It uses groonga as a storage and fulltext search engine.

How to install: Install

This release has a backward compatibility about database. But this release depends on new functionality introduced at groonga 2.0.6. Note that you must use mroonga 2.06 with groonga 2.0.6.

There is one topic for this release:

  • Supported "-WORD" syntax in BOOLEAN MODE

Supported "-WORD" syntax in BOOLEAN MODE

mroonga had not support '-' as boolean full-text search operator.

This release supports "-WORD" syntax in BOOLEAN MODE.

For example, you can select the records which contain 'weather', and the records which does not contain 'tomorrow' in the content column:

SELECT * FROM diaries WHERE MATCH(content) AGAINST("-tomorrow +weather" IN BOOLEAN MODE);


See Release 2.06 - 2012/08/29 about detailed changes since 2.05.

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