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Mroonga 4.09 has been released!

Mroonga 4.09 has been released!


Here changes in this release:

Groonga 4.0.9 has some changes that are useful for Mroonga. Please reference it. Groonga 4.0.9 has also a crash bug fix. If your Mroonga crashes sometimes, please upgrade Groonga.

Added mroonga_boolean_mode_syntax_flags

You can custom syntax in MATCH () AGAINST ('...' IN BOOLEAN MODE) by mroonga_boolean_mode_syntax_flags. In other words, you can use Groonga syntax.

If you can use Groonga syntax, you can use more features but it's incompatible with MySQL's standard syntax.

See mroonga_boolean_mode_syntax_flags document for details.

Supported FULLTEXT INDEX without normalizer

You can create FULLTEXT INDEX without normalizer by FULLTEXT INDEX (...) COMMENT 'normalizer "none".


See Release 4.09 - 2014-12-29 about detailed changes since 4.08.

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